Stonehenge Landscape Tour – Winter archaeology walk

31 01 2012

Stonehenge snow sceneWinter archaeology walk – Saturday, 04 February 2012

Explore the wider Stonehenge World Heritage Site with a guide and discover hidden histories, ancient mysteries and winter wildlife.

Enjoy a winter afternoon walk up on the downs learning about the ancient archaeology of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site and the area’s varied wildlife. On this three mile walk with views of the stone circle, we’ll visit ancient earthworks that have revealed much about the people who once lived and celebrated here. Talking points include the Cursus, the many and varied barrows, and an ancient avenue connecting ceremonial centres


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Melin says “This is a great tour of the Stonhenege landscape by The National Trust’

Merlin @ Stonehenge

Trio collaborate for exhibition of Hardy’s Wessex

27 01 2012

THOMAS Hardy immortalised Wessex in his novels and poems. Three artists who share a common interest in the writer’s use of landscape, Dave Gunning, David Inshaw and Rob Pountney, have collaborated in a fascinating exhibition currently on show in the upstairs gallery at Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum.

Salisbury Cathedral and The Close feature in Jude the Obscure (Salisbury became Melchester in Hardy novels), and it is fitting that the exhibition is in the museum. In Jude the Obscure, Hardy based the college that Sue Bridehead attends on the training college for schoolmistresses that his sisters attended. This was the King’s House, now home to the museum.

Stonehenge plays a starring role at the tragic end of Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Robert Pountney’s works in the exhibition capture the stones in a dramatic context.

Landscapes of Thomas Hardy’s Wessex is a beautifully crafted exhibition and well worth a visit. It runs until April 14


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Community bus could take tourists from Amesbury to Stonehenge

27 01 2012

AMESBURY’S community minibus will be used to ferry tourists from the town centre to Stonehenge as part of a move to improve the connection between the town and the world heritage site.

Stonehenge signAs the Journal reported last week, Amesbury Town Council has called for public transport links to be restored after the town was rebranded as Historic Amesbury and signs were put up welcoming people to the home of Stonehenge.

Visitors have been arriving in Amesbury expecting to see the ancient stone circle to be told the only way to reach it is to walk or go by taxi as the Wilts & Dorset operated Stonehenge Bus Tour does not stop at Amesbury bus station.

Now mayor of Amesbury Andy Rhind-Tutt has put forward plans for the community bus to be used to take people to Stonehenge.

He hopes to trial the scheme on Wednesdays, which is market day in Amesbury.

“It would be great for both tourists and local people,” he said.

“People could come and park in Amesbury and then the bus will take them up Countess Road, to Woodhenge, along Fargo Road, through Larkhill and on to Stonehenge.

“They could spend a couple of hours there and then get the bus back to Amesbury for lunch or some shopping.

“It will also provide a service for the people of Countess Road and Larkhill who lost out when Wilts and Dorset changed its bus routes.

“We are a historic town and we do have a lot to offer but we need to help people to get into Amesbury from Stonehenge.”

Initially it is hoped the service will be free while the new bus route is publicised.

It will travel a circular route and run on an hourly basis, and Mr Rhind-Tutt hopes to get it up and running before the Easter holidays.

“We hope that it will increase footfall in Amesbury which will boost local businesses,” he said.

“I understand the difficulty that Wilts a& Dorset would have running a service along the A303 due to the traffic, but this way we could use our community bus to further benefit Amesbury.”

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Merlin says “At last, tranport from Amesbury – save me walking”

Merlin at Stonehenge

Stonehenge tunnel idea resurrected.

17 01 2012

The idea of building a tunnel under Stonehenge has been resurrected by a consortium of council leaders from across the South West.

Stonehenge tunnel planWiltshire was among the authorities represented at a summit meeting to discuss A303 improvements, organised by Somerset County Council last week.

They discussed ways to raise the £1billion needed to widen the remaining single lane sections of the road between Wiltshire and Devon.

The tunnel, which would have cost more than £500million at the last count, is one of five separate schemes they believe are needed.

Somerset’s leader Ken Maddock believes there is scope to seek new funding in the light of Chancellor George Osborne’s autumn statement, which said that pension funds could be used to fund up to £20billion of infrastructure schemes.

He said: “This is a fabulous opportunity to put a joint bid together that will bring huge benefits to the whole of the West Country.”

The 2.1km tunnel plans were shelved in 2007 after the government said the soaring cost was not justified.


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Stonehenge tunnel “Why not plant a hedgerow along the A303 ?  It would reduce road noise, prevent accidents because of people looking at the monument whilst driving and considerable cheaper and quicker”

Anyone agree with me ?

Merlin at Stonehenge
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Stonehenge 3D app launched for 2012

10 01 2012

Stonehenge Solstice? There’s an app for that – Stonehenge Experience lets you explore 3D site in peace

Pulling across screen lets you explore site in 3D
Can ‘walk through’ the fenced-off area around stones
Lets you ‘dig up’ relics such as the Amesbury Archer

On the Winter Solstice, the stones at Stonehenge align perfectly with the sun. ‘Pagan’ worshippers gathered this year – as they do every year – at Salisbury Plain to mark the occasion.

The application offers virtual 3D 'tours' of the site - but also lets you 'dig through' layers of artefacts such as the gold breastplate found at the site

The application offers virtual 3D 'tours' of the site - but also lets you 'dig through' layers of artefacts such as the gold breastplate found at the site

But those of us who missed it can explore Stonehenge in considerably more comfort – and detail – using a new iPhone and iPad app, the Stonehenge Experience.

The app not only lets users explore Stonehenge in 3D, but also lets you ‘rub’ the screen to reveal different layers of prehistoric artefacts from the site – and recreates the sounds of when Stonehenge was constructed.

The site uses 3D digital ‘models’ so users can do things that visitors simply can’t – such as excavating down through layers of the site to reveal artefacts such as a ‘flesh hook’ and a solid gold breast plate found at the site.

All the 3D views of the site can be controlled via pinching and zooming on screen to let you ‘walk’ through Stonehenge – without the fences that usually keep visitors far from the stones.

You can stand in the middle of the stones, and an ‘acoustic model’ also captures what it sounds like to stand there.

Rupter Till of Huddersfield University – who ‘modelled’ the sounds of the app, said,

‘Creating the sound of Stonehenge as it was when it was first built was a really interesting challenge. When put together with the Ribui app it makes for an absorbing immersive experience and allows people to see and hear Stonehenge as it was five thousand years ago.’

The app incorporates some of the latest archaeological findings, providing you with up to date explanations of the site’s purpose, based on  respected academic theory.

The Stonehenge Experience works on the iPhone 3GS and later and the iPad

The app incorporates some of the latest archaeological findings, providing you with up to date explanations of the site’s purpose, based on  respected academic theory.

The Stonehenge Experience works on the iPhone 3GS and later and the iPad

This year will see mpre than one Stonehenge app being launcehed – watch this space for details.


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Merlin says: “Novel idea, however you cant beat physically walking the Stonehenge landscape at sunrise or sunset with an expert local guide”

Merlin @ Stonehenge Stone Circle

The Holy Grail of standing stone circles found as NASA spacecraft captures lunar Stonehenge image

2 01 2012

Space – Dismissed in 1959 by the USSR Luna 3 probe as a pile of inconsequential volcanic trash a 3,000ft diameter standing stone formation has been captured on camera by NASA’s latest mission.

The Lunar Stonehenge puts its Wiltshire, UK counterpart at the center of current human civilization

The Lunar Stonehenge puts its Wiltshire, UK counterpart at the center of current human civilization

Stunning pictures from the Grail-A spacecraft reveal a giant lunar Stonehenge close to the Mare Ingenii – or Sea of Ingenuity – impact crater.

NASA HQ astrophysicists said today they’d long suspected the existence of a Stonehenge-like structure on the Moon’s far side after decades of studying decrypted ancient Egyptian creation texts.

An Agency press release confirmed the Grail-A’s high definition close-ups depict some mysterious hieroglyphs hewn into the monoliths.

“The Pope will have a fit, heheh!” the head of the NASA Jet Convulsion Laboratory’s space artefucts division chuckled this morning, “these symbols hail Isis as the Mother of Creation!”

The news may also cause blood to boil at the European Space Agency where the possibility that Stonehenge’s Wiltshire site was chosen ‘by a vastly superior intelligence’ to copy the lunar edifice would place the UK at the heart of the current human civilization.

Belgian nationalism has always maintained the center of the Universe is located in Brussels, home of the Euro and of the moules-frites gastronomic delicacy (sick).

That gung-ho spin now faces oblivion as NASA pictures emerge from the shadows, echoing a June 2009 report claiming crumbling remains of the former palatial Atlantis fortress were filmed by International Space Station cameras focused on the Moon’s dark side.

Confirmation of the lunar Stonehenge creation could be the first step to unravelling the astrophysics of ‘As Above, So Below’ ancient pagan lore, the NASA source added.

Later today NASA’s Grail-B twin craft will track its companion’s lunar orbit and carry out its own 3D surveillance.

The Prime Minister and the US President have asked to be kept informed.

Merlin says: “Its not all serious”  Link-

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Merlin @ Stonehenge
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Stonehenge: Closure of A344 near monument to go ahead

1 01 2012

Plans to close a main road running past Stonehenge are to go ahead.

An aerial view of Stonehenge without the A344 road

An aerial view of Stonehenge without the A344 road

English Heritage wants to stop traffic from travelling close to the stones and “restore the dignity” of the World Heritage Site by closing the A344.

The road from the A303 at Stonehenge Bottom to west of the visitor centre has already been approved for closure.

Now, following a public inquiry, Wiltshire Council has approved an independent inspector’s report to close the remaining section of road.

In June 2010 the council granted planning permission for a new visitors centre at Airman’s Corner, 1.5 miles (2km) west of Stonehenge.

And in November, roads minister Mike Penning approved plans to close an 879m (2,884ft) section of the A344 from its junction with the A303 at Stonehenge Bottom with a stopping up order.

Byways remain open

Now the council has approved a traffic regulation order (TRO) for the remainder of the A344 to Airman’s Corner.

But proposals to close a number of byways around the ancient monument were refused.

Druid leader King Arthur Pendragon said the inspector’s recommendations and resulting council decision had “erred on the side of common sense”.

“I invited the inspector to recommend a modification to the order be made in that should the stopping up order be placed on the lower section of the A344 the remaining section of the metalled road be restricted by a traffic regulation order as requested.

“And he recommended that the proposed TRO be made with modification to the A344 only, leaving the byways in the World Heritage Site still open to all traffic, as they have been.”


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Merlin says “Good news”

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