Stonehenge Spring (Vernal) Equinox Managed Open Access: 20th March 2022

12 02 2022

English Heritage are expected to give a short period of managed open access on the 20th March. Sunrise is at 6:11am, and access will commence as soon as it is safe, this is likely to be from approximately 5:45am and will end at 8:30am.

The spring equinox is one of the rare occasions that English Heritage opens up the stones for public access. Equinox open accesses attract fewer people than the Solstices – in the several hundreds rather than tens of thousands – and there are modern Druid ceremonies which are held in the circle around dawn.

Spring equinox 2022

This is the first of the four ‘sky points’ in our Wheel of the Year and it is when the sun does a perfect balancing act in the heavens. This is the point of the year when once again day and night are equal – 12 hours. The equinox, (the Latin word for Equinox means time of equal days and nights) is only the very moment the sun crosses the equator. The exact time of the 2022 Vernal Equinox is at 4.43pm


The famous Stonehenge circle is normally roped off to the public, but special access is granted four times a year. This is only on the mornings of the summer solstice, winter solstice, spring equinox and autumn equinox. English Heritage has ‘managed open access’, meaning the public can stand among the stones on these days. Anyone can turn up on the day to get close to the stones, but people are asked not to touch or climb on them. Organisers also have a ban on bringing glass bottles or pets onto the site and on playing amplified music. Stonehenge is expected to open at 5.45am when it was deemed light enough to safely allow people into the field and visitors must leave by 8.30am. English Heritage open to the paying public as normal at 9.30am.

Public access to Stonehenge currently takes place on four of the so-called ‘quarter festivals’. What exactly are the quarter festivals? And why are these occasions so celebrated by the Druids? The Quarter Festivals and the Druids

Why not join a guided tour from London or Bath and save the hassle of public transport and parking. Enjoy sunrise on the Equinox and hear all the latest theories of Stonehenge with an expert tour guide

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