Stonehenge Tours

Unlock the mystery of Stonehenge, one of the most puzzling and intriguing sites in the world. Visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site with these premium Stonehenge tours from London and learn about the abundance of theories that surrounds the structure; from the belief that it is a religious temple to an astronomical clock and even a Bronze Age burial ground!

Visit Stonehenge

Stonehenge is isolated and not served by public transport. If you just want to see Stonehenge it is both quicker and cheaper to take a tour bus than travel independently.

Stonehenge is about 2 miles from the nearest town, Amesbury. The nearest train station is at Salisbury, connecting with London Waterloo. There are plenty of buses heading between Salisbury and Stonehenge.

Stonehenge is quite remote, one of the reasons why it has survived to this day. Organised day tours from London will normally be more cost effective than visiting Stonehenge independently. The world famous Stonehenge is situated around 90 miles west from Central London and is well within a comfortable day trip of London. There is a wide range of tours running from London daily to Stonehenge. Most tours will spend around 90 – 120 minutes at Stonehenge. Please see our list of approved and recommended tour operators below. These include the special pre-booked out-of-hours Stone Circle access visits.

Salisbury Reds: Their hop-on hop-off tour picks up in Salisbury city centre and runs to Old Sarum, through the beautiful Wiltshire countryside to the magnificent, magical henge.

Stonehenge Guided Tours: The longest established Stonehenge tour specialists.  This company operates frequent guided tours from London and Bath.  Many of their tours include exclusive special access inner circle tours at sunset and sunrise.  They also organise private guided tours for individuals, families and groups. Their tours go far beyond the standard visit to Stonehenge the average tourist experience. Highly recommended!

Stonehenge private access tours

Special Access tours to Stonehenge are tours that operate outside normal opening hours, taking you beyond the ropes so you can walk amongst the stones .

Stonehenge Day Tours: Walk around inside the famous Stone Circle on a special access Inner Circle access tours,  and uncover the mystery behind Stonehenge with one of expert tour guides.

Visit Wiltshire: This website includes Stonehenge tours, local accomodation and all the local news.  A great website to plan your visit to Stonehenge and Wiltshire.

The Stonehenge Travel Company: If you have a real interest in Stonehenge, Salisbury is the best place to get a specialist Stonehenge guide. Stonehenge and Salisbury guided tours are considered the local Wiltshire experts.  They offer private special access tours from Salisbury and Southampton.  Their guided walking tours are also very popular.

Solstice U.K Events: This company offer tours and transport to the open access Equinox and Solstice events.  Great value and expert local guides.

Golden Tours: This is a large coach operator based in London that offer half and full day sightseeing tours to Stonehenge and popular tourist destinations in London and Britian.

Premium Tours:  This company offer a complete range of sightseeing tours to Stonehenge. You can enjoy a private guided tour of Stonehenge at sunset – enter the stone circle itself, a day trip to Windsor Castle, Bath and Stonehenge, or the chance to travel from Bath through the Cotswolds to Stratford after your time at the World heritage site.

Best Value Tours: Establised London operator who offer a multitude of tours to Stonehenge some with special after hours access to the stones themselves. Check out their tours to see which one best suits you.

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