The Holy Grail of standing stone circles found as NASA spacecraft captures lunar Stonehenge image

2 01 2012

Space – Dismissed in 1959 by the USSR Luna 3 probe as a pile of inconsequential volcanic trash a 3,000ft diameter standing stone formation has been captured on camera by NASA’s latest mission.

The Lunar Stonehenge puts its Wiltshire, UK counterpart at the center of current human civilization

The Lunar Stonehenge puts its Wiltshire, UK counterpart at the center of current human civilization

Stunning pictures from the Grail-A spacecraft reveal a giant lunar Stonehenge close to the Mare Ingenii – or Sea of Ingenuity – impact crater.

NASA HQ astrophysicists said today they’d long suspected the existence of a Stonehenge-like structure on the Moon’s far side after decades of studying decrypted ancient Egyptian creation texts.

An Agency press release confirmed the Grail-A’s high definition close-ups depict some mysterious hieroglyphs hewn into the monoliths.

“The Pope will have a fit, heheh!” the head of the NASA Jet Convulsion Laboratory’s space artefucts division chuckled this morning, “these symbols hail Isis as the Mother of Creation!”

The news may also cause blood to boil at the European Space Agency where the possibility that Stonehenge’s Wiltshire site was chosen ‘by a vastly superior intelligence’ to copy the lunar edifice would place the UK at the heart of the current human civilization.

Belgian nationalism has always maintained the center of the Universe is located in Brussels, home of the Euro and of the moules-frites gastronomic delicacy (sick).

That gung-ho spin now faces oblivion as NASA pictures emerge from the shadows, echoing a June 2009 report claiming crumbling remains of the former palatial Atlantis fortress were filmed by International Space Station cameras focused on the Moon’s dark side.

Confirmation of the lunar Stonehenge creation could be the first step to unravelling the astrophysics of ‘As Above, So Below’ ancient pagan lore, the NASA source added.

Later today NASA’s Grail-B twin craft will track its companion’s lunar orbit and carry out its own 3D surveillance.

The Prime Minister and the US President have asked to be kept informed.

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