Stonehenge Landscape Tour – Winter archaeology walk

31 01 2012

Stonehenge snow sceneWinter archaeology walk – Saturday, 04 February 2012

Explore the wider Stonehenge World Heritage Site with a guide and discover hidden histories, ancient mysteries and winter wildlife.

Enjoy a winter afternoon walk up on the downs learning about the ancient archaeology of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site and the area’s varied wildlife. On this three mile walk with views of the stone circle, we’ll visit ancient earthworks that have revealed much about the people who once lived and celebrated here. Talking points include the Cursus, the many and varied barrows, and an ancient avenue connecting ceremonial centres


Sponsored by ‘The Sonehenge Tour Company’

Melin says “This is a great tour of the Stonhenege landscape by The National Trust’

Merlin @ Stonehenge

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