Barrows of the Bronze Age – Stonehenge Landscape Tour

11 02 2011

Explore the Bronze Age monuments of the Stonehenge landscape with Sonia Heywood ‘ you’ll soon discover that they’re much more than simple burial mounds. Investigated by curious antiquarians in the last 300 years, they have a 4,000 year history that tells us much about our past. On our four mile walk we’ll be visiting the Cursus Barrows, Winterbourne Stoke Barrows and the Monarch of the Plain. We’ll also have fine views of the King Barrows and Normanton Down Barrows.

26th February 2011

  • Please wrap up warm and bring stout footwear. The open landscape of the downs can be very exposed. You may like to bring a hot drink and a snack.
  • Meeting at the Stonehenge car park (not NT) by the bright green National Trust information panel.More Information: Lucy Evershed, 01980 664780, recommended!
    Merli @ Stonehenge Stone Circle

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