Stonehenge Tour. Excavation at Durrington, Wiltshire open day – October 13th

8 10 2010

The village of Durrington is well known for its early archaeological heritage, including the largest Neolithic henge in Britain at Durrington Walls and nearby Woodhenge, both over 4500 years old. However, excavations by Wessex Archaeology in advance of the construction of new housing by Persimmon Homes South Coast on the former Ministry of Defence estate offices have started to uncover the remains of a late Iron Age/ Romano-British settlement.

Aerial view of the late Iron Age/ Romano-British settlement at Durrington, WiltshireAerial view of the late Iron Age/ Romano-British settlement at Durrington, Wiltshire

This settlement lies within the north-west corner of the modern village of Durrington and at one time appears to have been surrounded by an enormous ditch over 6m in width and up to 4m in depth. The full extent of the enclosed settlement has yet to been determined, although it is possible- and further work will confirm this- that the enclosed settlement may be of a very substantial size.

The 6m wide enclosure ditch at DurringtonThe 6m wide enclosure ditch at Durrington

The excavations appear to be located at the southern edge of the settlement. Although the excavations are at an early stage, a wealth of archaeological features have been found including part of the enclosure ditch, possible granaries, large storage and quarry pits, cremation burials and a corn-drying kiln, as well as traces of earlier prehistoric activity within the site. The excavation is due to continue over the next year and will investigate the nature of this previously unknown settlement, which continued in the later Romano-British period and into the fifth century AD and may have been the first steps in the formation of the medieval estates at Durrington and the origin of the present village.

Come and see what they have found and find out more about the heritage of Avon Fields

Visit the Big Dig!
Wednesday October 13th 2010
Where: Avon Fields: Former MoD Headquarters  
Netheravon Road
Free site tours Wednesday October 13th 2010 at 3.00pm and 5.00pm.
No booking required.

Please wear boots or sturdy shoes.

For more information please contact Andrew Manning or Margaret Bunyard 01722 326867 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              01722 326867      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Histouries UK Tours and Salisbury Guided Tours in Salisbury offer independent tours of Stonehenge and the Durrington Walls.
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Stonehenge archaeologists reveal global warming theory behind crashed UFO remains

8 10 2010

Stonehenge, Wiltshire – (TinFoilHat Mess): Archaeologists excavating Stonehenge have found the remains of a pre-Atlanis era UFO which may have crashed during a flight from the Lunar base discovered by the moon-walking astronuts of the Apollo mission.

Stonehenge Quarantined

Stonehenge Quarantined

Much of the craft is believed to be intact with little corrosion to the mystery amalgam which makes up 90% of its structure.

Professor Tim Darvill of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) team that made the discovery said today that the next stage of the tricky operation would be entering the ancient craft and locating its cryogenic freezer units. ”

At this stage we don’t know if anything actually works inside,” Darvill commented, “but fingers crossed – we might be able to do a bit of thawing. “Without this intervention we’d have to wait for the natural phenomenon known as Global Warming to dictate the delicate process of unfreezing these alien remains.

 “Unfortunately we can’t wait that long. So our plan is to gently resurrect some of this advanced species – no blowtorches, microwaves or thermic lances, please chaps! – as well as any embryos and/or frozen infant offspring who clearly came here to seed our planet.” If the operation is successful the next stage will involve specialist scientists who are familiar with alien parenting techniques.

Professor Geoff Wainwright of the Yearling Extraterrestrial Intelligence (YETI) team in London’s Royal Freak Hospital will then take over while the Stonehenge site is quarantined.
Operation Homo erectus is being hailed as a triumph.

Now thats a story……………
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