Winter Solstice sunrise is going to be livestreamed from Stonehenge for free.

17 12 2021

WINTER Solstice celebrations will be marked at Stonehenge next week. Sunrise will be live streamed from Stonehenge for free.

English Heritage is inviting people to watch from home as the Winter Solstice sunrise is going to be livestreamed from Stonehenge on the morning of Wednesday (December 22). 

It will be livestreamed for free on YouTube and English Heritage’s social media channels at 7.25am.  

Those wanting to mark the solstice at the site in person, which will be subject to any changes in government gudiance, legislation or public health advice, will need to take a lateral flow test before setting off and only travel if it is negative and they feel well. 

Check the English Heritage website

English Heritage is recommending that anyone planning to come to the checks the website for information including conditions of entry – particularly around Covid safety, public transport and parking, and keeps an eye on social media for updates.

How to watch online 

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