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29 04 2010
Minute Manifesto: King Arthur Pendragon (Independent)

King Arthur

Vote for Arthur

King Arthur Pendragon is an Independent candidate for Salisbury. He is a Senior Druid and Swordbearer and was brought up in Aldershot.

He served with the Royal Hampshire Regiment. He’s worked as a General Foreman for a Parish Council and Senior Supervisor for Hampshire and Surrey County Councils on the Basingstoke Canal restoration project

King Arthur Pendragon’s manifesto

My name’s Arthur Pendragon, I’m a Senior Druid sworn to fight for Truth, Honour and Justice, who wants to scrap our nuclear arsenal and bring our boys back from Afghanistan.

The main thing I believe in is democracy, by, for and of the people, not by, for and of the Party.

At present, you can have a Scottish MP representing a Welsh constituency and living in London, but in reality representing no-one save their Party line, and let’s face it, there’s not much to choose between any of them.

Well, I’m different.

Don’t be put off by the robes – I may be spiritual but I’m certainly political, and to date have embarrassed two National Parties into last place and taken Her Majesty’s Government to High and European Courts.

Another thing I believe in is leadership from the front, motivation by example, and I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.

Having opposed the Newbury Bypass, and fought continually for Stonehenge not only was I arrested ‘up the trees’ and on the ‘picket’ argued the cases in Court, but guess who dug the latrine?

If you want an MP with a hands-on approach, by, for and of the people, vote for me. If you want much of the same, vote for anyone else.

I don’t care what London, Brussels, Washington or even Andover want

Elect me and you elect a warrior with a proven track record to represent and fight for the Salisbury constituency, nothing more and certainly nothing lesS

He’s got my vote!

Merlin @ Stonehenge
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