A series of deep pits which were discovered near Stonehenge last year have been confirmed as having been made by ancient Britons 

28 11 2021

New tests show neolithic pits near Stonehenge were human-made, 16ft craters near Neolithic site that experts wrote off as naturally occurring ‘blobs’ are confirmed as 4,500-year-old holes dug by ancient

Pits, which are around 30 feet across and 16 feet deep, were found in June 2020
Britons after scientists use underground mapping technology
They were arranged in a circle shape around the Durrington Walls Henge
It is two miles from the more famous Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire

The previously unknown subterranean ring is 20 times bigger than Stonehenge.

It is said to add to the evidence that early inhabitants of Britain, mainly farming communities, had developed a way to count, tracking hundreds of paces to measure out the pits.

It gives yet another twist to the story of the ancient monument.

Experts now believe that while Stonehenge was positioned in relation to the solstices, the boundary of pits may have had cosmological significance.

The team used groundbreaking technology to scan below the ground to detect where and when it had been disturbed. See relevant links below for full story.

The discovery is explored in a Channel 5 documentary titled Stonehenge: The New Revelations, to be aired on 9 December (9pm).

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