Stonehenge stories on Twitter

10 10 2021

How to Build Stonehenge by Mike Pitts. Draws on a lifetime’s study and a decade of new research to address the first question that every visitor asks: how was Stonehenge built?

Mike Pitts – Digging Deeper

How to Build Stonehenge comes out on February 17 2022. Published by Thames & Hudson, it has lots of illustrations (including new photos and diagrams by me) and is the first book to focus exclusively and comprehensively on this theme, since… the nearest equivalent I know is Herbert Stone’s The Stones of Stonehenge, published in 1924. I conceived it as a light, lockdown project (a short book with no illustrations, it’ll be done in three months, I assured my family) but once I began I got sucked in; there was a lot to say: to a lay readership, I suspect, most of it is new. I’m very excited about it.

When it was finished I put a Stonehenge photo in my Twitter profile, and now I’m changing it every week. Here they are with their stories, the most recent at the top – all photos taken by me.


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