Local Landlord recreates Stonehenge outside his pub.

16 05 2019

A LANDLORD at the Stonehenge Inn has created a mini version of Stonehenge outside his pub for tourists

Stonehenge replica

Daniel King has created a mini replica of Stonehenge outside his pub near Amesbury, Wiltshire

He commissioned artist and brickie Rhys Bliszko to make a 4ft concrete version for his pub, The Stonehenge Inn, three miles from the 4,000-year-old monument.

Stonehenge replica

The Stonehenge replica is less than a third as tall as the 13ft original but the stones is shaped exactly as the real monument.

“It might be a bit smaller and not quite as old but at least you can get up close.”

It is less than a third as tall as the 13ft original but Daniel says each stone is shaped like the real ones and the circle aligns with the sun in the same way.  Rumor has it the whole thing will light up at night.  Meanwhile it’s a great place to get a picture of a friend or yourself sitting on a trilithon.


The Stonehenge Pub Group, a family run business, owns 2 great venues close to Stonehenge (within 8 minutes drive). Ideal for either independent travellers or larger groups, the pubs are typical olde English Inns and make a great stop off from your travels. Stonehenge Tour Companies are already using the venue

Full story: The Sun
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16 05 2019

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