Stonehenge Full Moon Dates 2019

1 01 2019

Was it a Neolithic calendar? A solar temple? A lunar observatory? A calculating device forpredicting eclipses?
Or perhaps a combination of more than one of these? In recent years Stonehenge has become the very icon of ancient astronomy, featuring in nearly every discussion on the subject. And yet there are those who persist in believing that it actually had little or no connection with astronomy at all.


Stonehenge is one of the most impressive and best known prehistoric stone monuments
in the world. Ever since antiquarians’ accounts began to bring the site to wider attention
in the 17th century, there has been endless speculation about its likely purpose and meaning, and a recurring theme has been its possible connections with astronomy and the skies.


January 21st  2019 Monday

February 19th 2019 Tuesday
March 21st 2019 Thursday
April 19th 2019 Friday
May 18th 2019 Saturday
June 17th 2019 Monday
July 16th 2019 Tuesday
August 15th 2019 Tuesday
September 14th 2019 Saturday
October 13th 2019 Sunday
November 12th  2019 Tuesday
December 12th 2019 Thursday
January 10th 2020 Friday

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