At last! A good news story about the #Stonehenge solstice!

7 07 2016

The Heritage Journal

Some say EH should have tackled solstice overcrowding long ago. Still, this year they finally did, imposing both a parking charge and an alcohol ban. It seems to have produced less overcrowding and less misbehaviour. Might they conclude that decisive management works better than endless negotiations?

Here are some of the most irrational ones, people protesting against the parking charge and alcohol ban by delaying buses containing people who had paid to get in and hadn't brought booze! Pointless activity? Demonstrating against parking charges and an alcohol ban by delaying people who have paid and haven’t brought any booze!

Our friend spent the last year on the Open Access to Stonehenge Facebook Group, calling for a fresh start and a letter to EH saying: “We recognise that the welfare and dignity of the monument is paramount. We would like to enter into discussions to optimise access on the above bases.”  Sadly (with a few exceptions) this was greeted with hostility (and accusations he was an EH or police spy!) and he was summarily ejected. It’s to be hoped that in future…

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