#Stonehenge: No Compromise!

23 12 2014

The Heritage Journal

A demonstration by Stonehenge Alliance supporters at yesterday’s winter solstice celebrations expressed what everyone ought to be telling the British Government about the length of the proposed tunnel:

No Compromise

Please spread the message far and wide – especially if you are living abroad. It’s your World Heritage Site too and now the protest has gone global! As well as the petition for those living in Britain  there’s now a second one for the rest of the world. Please add your voice to defend one of the world’s most iconic archaeological landscapes.


Opposition to the UK Government’s plan to widen the A303 with a 2.9km tunnel close to the Stones is spearheaded by the Stonehenge Alliance, which is supported by the Ancient Sacred Landscape Network, Campaign for Better Transport, Campaign to Protect Rural England, Friends of the Earth, and RESCUE: The British Archaeological Trust.

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