Stonehenge …. getting better!

16 10 2013

The Heritage Journal


As can be seen, the Eastern portion of the A344 has been consigned to history, fulfilling the wishes of generations of visitors. As a result the map has been amended and now looks a lot less of a national disgrace.

In fact, the map is already out of date because the remaining portion of the road should be shown as “restricted” for as from last week ….

“vehicles travelling along the A344 to the car park near the Stones will need to display a permit. During Stonehenge opening hours, visitors will need to stop at the gated entry point on the A344 near Airman’s Corner roundabout to collect a permit before proceeding to the Stonehenge car park. Permits will be collected at the same place from visitors leaving the site after their visit. Outside of Stonehenge opening hours, the gate across the A344 will be closed. The road will remain…

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