Stonehenge transformed into an eerie blaze of colour by light-art expert

11 12 2011

It’s a stunning illuminating technique which when used at Stonehenge turned the ancient British wonder into an amazing after-dark spectacular .. welcome to the world of light-painting.

Light-painter Marc Bowyer-Briggs has fused his photographic creativity and technological skills to turn the Wiltshire standing stones into a technicolour lightshow.

Using a technique involving electroluminescent wire and a long exposure on his camera, the 33-year-old from Portsmouth brought the dark stone monoliths to life with dazzling multi-coloured effects.

Light fantastic: Stonehenge as it has never been seen before

Light fantastic: Stonehenge as it has never been seen beforeMarc was granted exclusive access to the World Heritage site was given just two hours to transform the ancient standing stones into light art.The light artist explained: 'It was always my dream to go to Stonehenge.'It has to be one of the most iconic landmarks in the country.'I got the chance to shoot there at night so I snapped it up. I was only allowed two hours, so I really had to think on my feet.'I'm forever looking for locations, as whilst it's great to make a shot purely out of your light tools, it's also great to combine the location you're at within the shot.'Glow in the dark: Stonhenge in Wiltshire proves an incredible setting for the illuminating 'light painting' techniques

The dark nature of his art means that Marc is constantly roaming Britain’s countryside and cities by night – a task that comes with its own challenges.

Glow in the dark: Stonhenge in Wiltshire proves an incredible setting for the illuminating 'light painting' techniques

Glow in the dark: Stonhenge in Wiltshire proves an incredible setting for the illuminating 'light painting' techniques

‘It can get very exciting when you’re shooting in an inner city at night, especially when a group of drunk people are coming your way,’ he said.

‘In the past I’ve watching security guards at Stonehenge spot people trying to mount the fence.

‘Then with military precision dart over and explain why they shouldn’t be doing it.’

Marc, who has been honing his talent for light painting over four years, explained how he is able to create such fantastic images.

He said: ‘There are many methods to the madness but ultimately, you just need a camera that’ll take a long exposure.

‘You can keep the shutter of your camera open for as long as you wish.

‘Coupled with a cable release and a tripod, some light tools and some imagination, anyone can do it – the limit is purely your imagination.

‘You can use a simple torch to start with to illuminate objects, or draw stick men, then

‘I get such a sense of pride at a certain shot I’m happy with.’

Marc’s previous works include green laser tunnels and light painted UFOs gliding over the shadowy English countryside.

He has received popular enthusiasm for his work – so much so that he has now started to share his expertise with others.

He said: ‘Once people understand how the picture is created, more often than not, they’re in awe and want to go out and try it for themselves.

‘I’ve recently run an evening training course that I’m looking to increase the frequency of with a couple of friends.

‘The first half starts with the theory behind night photography, and how to do it, and the second half is a practical hands on.

‘The reaction we had from the first evening was fantastic.

‘My dream is to make it into the TATE Modern with some of my art.’ For  For more information see

Full story by Daily Mail reporter:

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Merlin says: Trippy stuff man………………

Merlin @ Stonehenge
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