Taking a Guided Tour of Stonehenge Aotearoa – Hire a Henge!

14 07 2011

Taking a Guided Tour of Stonehenge (New Zealand?)

Stonehenge Aotearoa, a full-size model based on the ancient English stone circle, shows how the Sun, Moon and stars can be used “for life and survival”.

Apart from its majestic and mysterious appearance a stone circle has little meaning unless one knows how it works and why people built them eons ago.  The people who built Stonehenge Aotearoa have put together a special presentation that unravels ancient mysteries and takes the visitor on a journey of discovery.  Our tours include tales from antiquity of the solstices and equinoxes and signs of the Zodiac.  You will discover how stones, posts and shadows were used to unlock mysteries of the earth and sky which formed a cornerstone to the rise of civilization.

Allow enough time
A guided tour runs for just over an hour.  Do allow yourself time to check in before the presentation begins. We suggest that you arrive not less than 10 minutes before your tour is scheduled to start.   In addition, it is advisable to allow some free time following your tour.  Visitors often wish to ask questions, take a second look at some of the stone structures, or visit our Stonehenge shop.

When ?
Stonehenge Guided Tours are available to the public at 11am on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. At other times you may book a private tour – see below.  From December 27 through to January 15 there will be a tour every day at 11am.   The number of participants on any one tour are limited so bookings are recommended. 

What does it cost?
Adults $15, Senior Citizens (65+) $12, Students (13-17yrs) $10, Children (pre-teens) $6. Bookings recommended: Phone (06) 377 1600 or book online here.


may be held on any day at a time by arrangement. The fees per person are the same as those for a public tour:- $15 for adults, $12 for senior citizens (65+), $10 for students (13-17yrs), $6 for children (pre-teens), except that there is a minimum charge of $90. Thus, if you have 6 adults in your party this will cover the $90 minimum charge. Phone (06) 377 1600 or book online here.

Each tour is tailored to the weather conditions. It usually begins in our lecture theatre with an introductory talk on the historical significance of stone circles and the reasons why star-lore formed a cornerstone to the rise of civilization.  This part of the presentation may include an audio-visual about the Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain and Stonehenge Aotearoa.  We then explore the stone circle, listen to tales from antiquity, and discover how stones and shadows can be used to unlock mysteries of the universe.

Stonehenge Aotearoa can be magnificent at the time of sunrise or sunset.  These tours include (weather permiting) viewing the sun rise or set over the Henge. Of special interest is the times of the equinoxes and solstices when the sun can be observed to rise or set over one of the heel stones.  At these times we often have a special presentation about the equinox or solstice.  See “Special Events”.

Unless otherwise advertised Sunrise and Sunset Tours are only  available by arrangement as private or group bookings. 

 Maybe we should build one of these in Wilsthire?
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