Stonehenge Summer Solstice Celebrations 2011 – June 20th / June 21st

27 04 2011

English Heritage are again expected to provide “Managed Open Access” to Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice. Please help to create a peaceful occasion by taking personal responsibility and following the conditions (see below).

Please note that a high volume of traffic is anticipated in the Stonehenge area on the evening of Sunday 20th June. The car park (enter off the A303 from the roundabout – it’s signposted) will open at around 7pm on Monday 20th June, and close at around noon on Tuesday 21st June.
Note that last admission to the car park for vehicles is at around 6am. Access Access to the stones themselves is expected to be from around 8.30pm on Monday 20th June until 8am on Tuesday 21st June.

Stonehenge Summer Solstice

 There’s likely to be casual entertainment from samba bands & drummers but no amplified music is allowed. When you visit Stonehenge for the Solstice, please remember it is a Sacred Place to many and should be respected. Van loads of police have been present in the area in case of any trouble, but generally a jovial mood prevails. Few arrests have been made in previous years, mostly in relation to minor drug offences.

Facilities Toilets and drinking water are available and welfare is provided by festival welfare services. There are normally one or two food and drink vans with reasonable prices but huge queues, all well away from the stones themselves.

Sunrise is at around 4:45am.

Conditions Rules include no camping, no dogs, no fires or fireworks, no glass bottles, no large bags or rucksacks, and no climbing onto the stones. Please use the bags given free on arrival and take them out, filled with your litter, to the skips provided.

Please respect the rules so that we’re all able to enjoy the solstice morning at Stonehenge for years to come.

Getting there: Where possible, please travel to Stonehenge using public transport. The local bus company, Wilts & Dorset, will be running a service from Salisbury railway and bus stations to Stonehenge over the Solstice period. This bus service will commence at 1830 hours (6.30pm) on Monday 20th June and run regularly until 0115 hours (1.15am) on Tuesday 21st June. A service taking people back to Salisbury will start again at 0400 hours (4am) and run frequently until 0945 hours (9.45am). Access to Stonehenge from the bus drop off point is through the National Trust farmland. More information will be here when available.  Needless to say this service is extremly busy, please allow plenty of time.

From London: Our friends at the ‘Stonehenge Tour Company’ will be offering their usual small group unobtrusive tours to the solstice from London.  There are two services departing London at 4pm and 1am – Click here: ‘Stonehenge Summer Solstice Tour 2011’
Stonehenge summer solstice tours


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See you all at the Summer Solstice, yipee……………..

Merlin @ Stonehenge
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10 responses

27 04 2011
11 05 2011

Hi folks,
If you are intending to join the melee at Stonehenge this June then please please keep off the stones. The lichen gets worn off and this allows water to freeze in the stone and crack pieces off. The lichen takes hundreds of years to grow to maturity and can be destroyed in seconds.
The stones belong to all of us and any damage is totally unacceptable and deeply offensive to many people.
Please spread the word.

5 06 2011
Tom Talent

are dogs allowed in cars in the parking area but not the stones or will this cause people to be turned back? avebury planned for next day. please reply asap. with thanks Tom Talent

20 06 2011
Kookie Cookstar McBride

I told them 100000 years ago. They wouldnt listen. Told them again more recently an they still wouldnt listen. But, hey man, No harm done again I suppose BooOm X

7 06 2011
Constantine Antoniades

hi everyone…can someone let me know…is the actual solstice celebration on the 20th or the 21st? because the web site recommends arriving on the 20th so does that mean that we are expected to camp or anything like that?

18 06 2011

i like to think of myself as a progressive conservationalist. and it makes perfect sense to keep off the stones for keeping them sterile and stable… people built these stones, people that touched and felt them, that hauled them up and came back year after year to celebrate. i think they would be ashamed of us leaving these stones, i want to climb them, to touch them. just for one day/night a year i want to actually live. if i wanted to just see them id watch a video…
please spread the better word.

19 06 2011

are puppies aloud that arnt aloud down, can u please let me know

20 06 2011

i saw a cartoon about the henge being turned into a tacky adventure park by the national trust in the 80 its coming true,police ,camera ,action .go to be monitored ,logged in a nice greasy burger,dont bring kids who may need to keep warm,look out for so called druids who get priority acess.the pre dawn will be obscured by the massive cherry picker lights,have fun,there are many ancient sites all over albion ,go out seek and enjoy the freedom while u can x

21 06 2011
A1 A!

Sam you will ruin it for others. I f you can not feel the magic coming off the stones without clambering all over them, you are missing out! Think about the future!

22 06 2011

can i just say i have been peacefully going to the stones for years and this years policing by the heritage stewards was a disgrace,if they want to keep people away they need to understand this is not the way,im just going to make sure more people go next year, people with mobile camping vans were not even allowed to open their awning to protect themselves form the rain,they were even going round telling people to turn their music down in their cars in the car park,we are there for the music the atmosphere and the stones.last year everyone was helpful and litter was made easy to dispose of,this year stewards were walking in the litter to make sure anyone that appeared to be having to much fun kept the noise down,or they would be thrown off site.

the ban on camping is just mean as last year as i left the site it was almost clear of camping and litter by 1pm the day after the event,what is the problem with heritage!!!! it is a maximum of two days but only one night

i live in the area as well so have seen the bean field battles and the hippy convoys what happens now is nothing to complain about,just try and be nice for the one day if you can

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