Threatening sky over Stonehenge

10 03 2011

How do you make prehistoric megaliths look even more ominous?

Storm looming over Stonehenge

Storm looming over Stonehenge

Wait for menacing clouds to loom over and capture the scene in black and white. It worked for Times reader “photomarc,” who shot this moody photo of England’s Stonehenge.
“[On] our last trip to England, my wife and I were caught in some nasty weather,” says the photographer. “I did take this shot before hurrying back to the car!”

Credit: LATimes
Sponsores: Join a ‘special access’ tour at Stonehenge – a unique photograph opportunity – The Stonehenge Tour Company

Merlin @ Stonehenge
The Stonehenge Stone Circle Website



2 responses

11 03 2011
the lady rose

Wonderful picture– captures the essence of the place, standing in solitary splendour — now imagine the scene complete with visitor centre — might as well knock it down and use the plain for a housing estate.

15 03 2011
Tony Batey

Simply out of this world :O Stunning capture!!!

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