– Camelot Castle

25 01 2011

A hotel has purchased the internet domain and hopes to

Stonehenge light box

Stonehenge light box

exploit the famous Neolithic site’s reputation to build an online following. Camelot Castle – the birthplace of the legendary King Arthur – in Tentagel has acquired the site as the basis for a new internet news network that is aimed at providing positive stories that help inspire “man’s spiritual rise and search for truth”.
According to the Cornwall hotel, Stonehenge is the perfect vehicle for spreading this message and said it was “delighted” to have acquired what it feels to be one of the most important internet portals available. “It is a tremendous honour, duty and responsibility. Stonehenge is an eternal testimony to man’s search for truth and his spiritual legacy,” said spokesman John Mappin.
The actual site of Stonehenge is popular with luxury coach tours and is situated in Wiltshire. However, its online presence will allow it to play another role in advancing British culture, the hotel claimed.

Can anyone explain the ‘Light Box’ that is promoted on this website. I’m confused ?

Is it worth the trek to Cornwall ?
Merlin at Stonehenge (Wiltshire not Cornwall)
The Stonehenge Stone Circle Website



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