Stonehenge Mystery

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29 11 2010
Troy Wisehart

I will be at Stonehenge on the Winter Solstice this year, (2010). I am attempting to discover the frequency of the lunar eclipse and full moon on the Winter Solstice.
I have read that the full moon occurs on the Winter Solstice every 19 years. I am guessing this corresponds to the Metonic Cycle.
From what I read above it appears that the eclipse is on a 56 year cycle. Is that correct?
Any information anyone can provide would be most appreciated.
Troy Wisehart,

8 03 2012
George Stone

Amazing fact that Stonehenge preceded the Mycenaean civilization and also that the measurement of the celestial declinations it was modeled on must have taken hundreds of years of knowledge, prior to its construction, to gather. Fascinating place!

28 09 2013

Has anyone else had a profoundly emotional response when visiting Stonehenge? I started crying as I approached and didn’t know why. I thought it must have been a place of worship. Then I read the National Geographic article about it possibly being like a tombstone to honor the dead. It made a lot of sense to me.

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