A New Study Assesses the Prehistoric Acoustics of Stonehenge.

6 09 2020
  • Researchers created a 3D-printed scale model and broadcast ‘chirps’ at different frequencies
  • When Stonehenge was intact, the acoustics were more like a movie theater
  • The sound lingered, suggesting the unique sound effect was used while speaking or singing

A scale model of Stonehenge has been built to try and find out what early visitors to the monument would have heard more than 4,000 years ago.

Researchers discovered sound briefly lingered inside the model on the mid-frequency range. (University of Salford)

University of Salford academics recreated the ancient circle to find out how sound would have carried across all the original 157 stones in 2,200BC. The to-scale 1/12th model was made using 3D printing and custom modelling.

Prof Trevor Cox said the model gave an insight “into what our ancestors would have heard in the stone circles”.

“Now we know the voice would have been enhanced by being in that space,” he added.

Academics worked with English Heritage using laser scans of the stones and architectural research to create the shape and position of the stones in an acoustic chamber.

Future research may examine other aspects of Stonehenge’s acoustic characteristics, including the kinds of echoes it creates and the way that its stones hum in strong winds.

The new study “shows that sound was fairly well contained within the monument and, by implication, [Stonehenge] was fairly well insulated from sounds coming in,” Timothy Darvill, an archaeologist at Bournemouth University, tells Science News.

Listening to the sounds reverberating “must have been one of the fundamental experiences of Stonehenge,” he adds.


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