Thousands travel to Stonehenge for the summer solstice

21 06 2016

Around twelve thousand people have flocked to Stonehenge to witness the sun rising over the stones for the summer solstice.

There were clear skies at the Wiltshire monument this year as the sun rose just before 5am.


Sunrise over Stonehenge Credit: ITV West Country

English Heritage charged for parking at the event for the first time this year and also issued a ban on alcohol.

Stonehenge is a special place and this is a wonderful occasion for people to come together, as they probably have done for thousands of years, to celebrate the longest day of the year.

As guardians of Stonehenge, it is our job to look after the monument. We ask all attending the summer solstice to respect the stones and the people around you.


This year was the first that saw car parking charges and a total ban on alcohol.

These changes for Solstice 2016 have proved a great success, with people celebrating at Stonehenge in a positive, friendly atmosphere as they waited for the sunrise.


The Stonehenge News Blog



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