Druids and Pagans to get time off to visit Stonehenge under new EU work rules

8 04 2013

New guidance advises bosses to respect atheists and to “consider seriously” adapting work duties on faith grounds

Pagans, vegetarians and ecologists should have their beliefs respected at  work along with mainstream faiths, according to European advice to bosses.

Druids and Pagans @atStonehenge

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It means druids will be able to take leave to observe rituals and make  pilgrimages to mystical sites such as Stonehenge.

Christian nurses will be allowed to pray for patients, Muslims to take leave  to visit Mecca, vegetarians can refuse to handle meat and sit on leather chairs  and ecologists refuse to fly.

The new guidance also advises bosses to respect atheists and to “consider  seriously” adapting work duties on faith grounds.

But the Equality and Human Rights Commission guidelines, drafted after  several rulings in the European Court of Human Rights, were slammed  yesterday.

Andrew Copson, chief executive of the British Humanist Society, said: “It is  right to accommodate people’s needs in a civilised society but we have to make  sure we draw the right line. It’s not fair to accommodate an employee if others  have to take extra shifts or if their workplace becomes uncomfortable through  others pushing their religion.

“The right to manifest beliefs can’t trump the rights of others.”

The guidance comes after the court in ­Strasbourg, France, ruled in  January the UK was wrong to stop ­Christian BA check-in clerk Nadia Eweida,  61, wearing a cross at work.

The commission’s chief executive Mark Hammond said: “It provides advice and  clarification to help employers avoid costly and ­divisive legal  action.”

Lnk Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/druids-time-visit-stonehenge-under-1817343

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