Stonehenge: Could 2011’s solstice mass event be the last?

8 05 2011

As we recently observed people are fully entitled to see Stonehenge as their temple. However, while such claims are harmless in themselves they have also been responsible for some unwelcome effects. For isn’t it clear that a wish to avoid offending people of a spiritual nature has led to a reluctance to say that no, access by tens of thousands of revellers at Summer Solstice is unseemly and damaging and really must end?
1995 Stonehenge Summer Solstice

Get off those Stones! 1995 Stonehenge Summer Solstice

It seems to us there’s an easy and equitable solution that balances tourism, spirituality and conservation in a proper manner:

1. No more thousands of tipsy revellers standing on the stones. (It’s recent, not traditional, it carries a risk of damage to both the monument and the revellers and brings shame on our country – and it simply shouldn’t happen as English Heritage knows full well.)
2. Spiritual people yes. Of course. But in limited numbers, selected by ballot from the membership of well established pagan organisations.
3. Other people (whether non-spiritual or spiritual but without demonstrable group affiliations), yes of course and also in limited numbers, selected by ballot from those who apply.

So how many in total? That’s entirely EH’s affair, depending purely on how many they think can be safely and sensibly admitted without imposing a risk of damage or broadcasting an image to the world that we don’t treat Stonehenge as it should be treated.  It’s certainly time they decided what they could cope with rather than unsuccessfully trying to cope with many times more than they can!

So let’s SHARE Stonehenge, it’s the obvious thing to do. But not abuse it, which is also obvious.

If spiritual people agree to that and people in general agree to that (following a consultation) then English Heritage could surely have a mandate to make radical changes to what happens at Stonehenge as soon as next year? 

How about it?

Article extracted rom the excellent Heritage Journal –
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3 responses

9 05 2011
Michelle Topps

Move the party. Everyone seems agreed that Durrington Walls was the meeting place for the pre ceremonial parties. For my part I would love to see and present to the world a proper cultural celebration of the solstices. Party somewhere else, and then a flaming torch procession to the stones with the spiritual leading the ceremony. Speaking as a local artist inspired by the spirit of the stones, I believe that it is the essence that is missing from the ‘Stonehenge Experience’ . What should be a beautiful, cultural and spiritual experience offered to the world is still just a focus on mad drunkenness, littering and arrests. I always enjoy going to the open events at the stones but always feel just a little bit sad that we really have got it all wrong.

1 06 2011
celestial elf

Hope that the Stonehenge stays Open for solstice, like Michelles suggestion above that the party is elsewhere and then a procession leads the sincere to the stones…
thought you might like my King Arthur’s Summer Solstice at Stonehenge machinima film Bright Blessings, elf ~

8 06 2011
William Grant

I provide a special experiance at Stonehneg Campsite between the 17 and 23 June each year for about 100 Pre BooksTents but agree that the Solstice Event needs to managed in a better way. The local Council and Tourist Board have not got it right for sure

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