Stonehenge Winter Solstice 21stDecember 2010

21 12 2010

I went to Stonehenge this morning hoping to witness the Lunar eclipse between 7.30am and 8am.  Sadly there was freezing fog and a snowy sky?  It was a pleasant surprise to find that English Heritage decided to grant access into Stonehenge today as well as tomorrow (22nd)  There were a few hundred ‘happy’ people, a pagan wedding and a small Druid ceremony.  It was extremely cold but well worth it. 
I have uploaded these photos for your perusal – hot off the press!  They anticipate 2-3000 people for tomorrows Solstice celebrations – See you there!

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Happy Solstice
Merlin @ Stonehenge
The Stonehenge Stone Circle Website



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27 12 2010

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