Stonehenge Ale – A Taste for Crop Circles

16 09 2010

A subject very close to my heart, Beer!

THE Stonehenge Ales brewery at Netheravon has come up with a new beer in honour of the many crop patterns that appear in Wiltshire fields each summer.

Stig and Anna Marie Andersen, who took over the independent brewery from its founder Tony Bunce in 1993, are fascinated by the weird and wonderful shapes that show up each year.

Mrs Andersen is studying fine art at Winchester College and said that, regardless of whether the crop patterns were man-made or not, they had become an art form in their own right, attracting tourists from all over the world.

The new beer reaches local pubs this week and is called Glyph, a name chosen by Mrs Andersen as it represents the hieroglyphs the crop patterns might or might not be although their messages so far remain undeciphered.

The logo on the Glyph beermats shows the pictogram dubbed Led Zeppelin that appeared in fields at Alton Barnes 20 years ago.

“Now, 20 years on, the new beer Glyph, manifests itself at Stonehenge Ales in celebration of that formation,” said Mrs Andersen.

The new light amber beer, which has an ABV of 4.5 per cent, also has one mystical ingredient – aromatic Chinook hops grown on the tribal lands in America of the Chinook tribe.

From each batch of Glyph produced the brewery will be making a donation to the Crop Circle Connector web site, which Mrs Andersen said was an independent site respected worldwide.

You guessed it, not alot of Stonehenge news this month,  Watch this space………………

There are still a number of crop circles in maize in the vicinty of Stonehenge and Avebury.  I met up with a local guide working for HisTOURies  UK yesterday who showed me some incredible images.  Yes we did have a pint of ‘Croppies’ together in the Alton Barnes Barge Inn.  (Crop Circle central)

Merlin @ Stonehenge
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Clonehenge – Bonsai style.

5 09 2010

Bonsai Stonehenge–Yes, It’s Salisbury But It Isn’t Plain!

Photo courtesy of Salisbury Newspapers

No one does a Stonehenge like the locals! Above we see bonsai hengers (wouldn’t Bonsai Hengers be a great name for a rock band?!) and gardener/artists Tony Oswin & Wilf Colston with their prize-winning creation at the Salisbury Community Show recently–a charming Stonehenge model landscaped with bonsai trees and a bit of whimsy.

We have to say this is one of the finest and prettiest Stonehenge models we have seen! True, the landscape around it is not true-to-life, but we see no reason English Heritage shouldn’t run out and make it so. It would cost a great deal less than not putting in the tunnel and not putting in the new visitor centre has cost them so far!

The photo above, used courtesy of the Salisbury Bonsai Society, to which the gentlemen belong, shows the thought that must have been put into the Stonehenge section of the display. The stones themselves were cast in molds to make blocks all the same size and then hand carved with a knife and painted. No buying a little Stonehenge kit and quickly standing the plastic pieces in a circle for these fellows!* Care has been taken to make the assemblage resemble the original. We’re impressed!

Score: 8 druids! (New readers–no we do not believe druids built Stonehenge. Our scoring is a bit of a joke.) That’s very good for a small model. Mr. Oswin and Mr. Colson now have Clonehenge score bragging rights. That and £3 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Unless prices have gone up!

We want to thank Matt Penny, aka @salisbury_matt , friend of the blog, Salisbury and Stonehenge enthusiast, and perpetrator of the Salisbury and Stonehenge website for spotting this Stonehenge replica and sending us a link. We count on you, alert readers! Here’s a deal: you keep sending us Stonehenge replicas and we’ll keep wasting your time with our drivel! We promise.

Merlin @ Stonehenge
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