Grantham’s “Stonehenge” has got everyone talking

16 03 2010


editorial image 

Scene Setter : Somerby Hill Roundabout.

IS it a Satanic site of human sacrifice? Or maybe an area of deep spiritual awakening? 

 Neither of course, it is merely the latest in Grantham roundabout makeovers. 

The Old Somerby roundabout featuring an arrangement of Ancaster Stone is the fourth Grantham “gateway” to be given a new look in recent months.  

Workers have been finishing it off this week and before it had even been completed it had already been dubbed “Grantham’s Stonehenge”.  

It remains to be seen whether the new attraction will draw mystics and spiritualists from across the country or what the arrangement of rocks means.  

The work has been largely funded thanks to a generous personal donation by a Miss Bean of Old Somerby, with sponsors chipping in the rest alongside Grantham Growth and Grantham Future.  

The cost of installation and five-year maintenance is £25,315.  

David Holmes chairman of Old Somerby Parish Council, said: “We are delighted to finally see come to fruition our plans for the renovation of this major entrance to Grantham.  

“It will greatly enhance the area.”  

Journal reader and motorcyclist Steve Foster was first to get in touch and point out the uncanny resemblance to the Salisbury tourist attraction.  

He said: “It looks like Stonehenge. It is just rediculous – the rocks are about five-feet high. “It must have cost a fortune.” 

 Journal reader Adrian Hewis said: “Is the re-creation of ‘Stonehenge’ at Somerby roundabout an essential expenditure considering the number of poorly maintained roads in the locale?” 

 However a Mrs Palmer got in touch to say she was so pleased with the work she pulled over to thank the workmen earlier this week. 

 She said: “They are making an excellent job of it. 

 “It is really nice and whoever is responsible really deserves a bit of credit.” 



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